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Good Morning’s resident gardening guru, Dennis Greville, spoke to viewers last month about heritage roses and the difference between them and what you buy from a florist.

He also tackled some tricky gardening questions including, how to get rid of centipedes from your garden, where to buy the best old fashioned roses and what low maintenance plants prefer dry and sunny conditions.

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December is a
good time to…

Water and feed your garden because as the weather heats up your garden will be in full-speed-ahead growing mode.

In addition, watch for birds around your strawberries. It may pay to put up netting to stop them eating your fruit before you do.

In the flower garden, plant seedlings of marigold, impatiens and portulaca.

Keep moisture in both vegetable and flower gardens by applying a layer of mulch or compost. But remember to avoid watering in the middle of the day. By watering your plants in the morning or evening, they won’t dry out and get thirsty as quickly.

All the best from us!

Here at Awapuni, we’d like to thank you for all your support over the past year and wish you a very Merry Christmas.

We’re hoping for loads of sunshine for your petunias and marigolds, and a splattering of rain for your vege garden.

Whether you’re at home or away, we wish you a happy holiday season filled with fun and laughter.

Henri Ham and the team at Awapuni.

“Lettuce” help cook dinner with
spicy Asian-style wraps

Are you stuck in a cooking rut? Do you find yourself cooking the same meals week-in and week-out? If this sounds familiar then you need a culinary vacation! “Lettuce” take you on a tastebud trip to Asia with oriental-inspired wraps.

In an attempt to revive your weekly meal plan, I’ll give you some tips on how to plant lettuce and use it as an alternative to pita pockets for a spicy Asian-style dish.

So let’s get started. Grab some of Awapuni Nurseries’ Traditional Value Buttercrunch or Great Lakes lettuce seedlings when you’re at your local supermarket, Warehouse or Bunnings store. Remember to buy a variety of lettuce that has large leaves because mesclun doesn't work too well as a wrap!

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Burning questions

What types of plants are in Awapuni’s Cottage Garden mix?

The mix can include petunias, shasta daisies, lupins, verbascums, delphiniums, scabiosas, foxgloves, and a variety of other cottagey-type flowers.

When do they flower?
Four to six weeks from planting; they are at their best in summer. Remember to keep them well watered in hot weather conditions and mulch around the base of the flowers with peastraw or a fine bark to prevent them from drying out.

Where should I plant them?
The flowers in the Cottage Garden mix prefer full sun as this will encourage growth and promote flowering. Plant these with roses and lavenders for a true cottage garden feel. And before planting, dig some compost through the soil to increase its quality and nutrient level.

These flowers are easy to grow and suitable for beginners. Ensure you keep picking off the dead flowers to promote new growth and stop fungus forming.

Awapuni in Auckland

If you live in Auckland and would love to get your seedlings when you’re out shopping… here’s your chance!

Our seedlings are now stocked at all Auckland PAK’nSAVE stores, except Glen Innes and Manukau.

Give the gift that grows

Choosing presents for family and friends can sometimes be the hardest part of Christmas. What to get who and who to get what are the questions on everyone’s mind. So this Christmas, why not think outside the square and give the gift that grows?

Whether it be vege, fruit, flower or herb seedlings - the choices are endless and the rewards are plentiful.

Choosing what to get can be tricky, but the key is to think about the recipient and what they’ll like the most. For example, aspiring cooks and foodies will appreciate a mini garden of herbs.

In addition, keep timing in mind when purchasing your seedlings. Giving nana seedlings that were purchased, wrapped and left under the tree for a couple of weeks wouldn’t be ideal!

Friends and family will love the effort you’ve put in and they’ll have a gift that lasts. Besides, anything’s better than another pair of socks or packet of scorched almonds!

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