Privacy, Refunds & Shipping

We respect the patronage of our customers and regard all correspondence with you, either in the form of submitted orders or emails, as strictly confidential. Under no circumstance do we allow client information to be made available to third parties. Customers can rest assured that their personal details are kept secure.

Alas, it's an accepted fact of life that on occasion, and despite the best intentions, mistakes can occur. We encourage any customer to contact us immediately by phone on 0800 33 2000 or by email should they receive the wrong, damaged or overdue order. Without question, we will replace the problem order.

Delivery times


Order before

Delivery day

North Island main centres

9am Monday


Outside of North Island main centres

9am Monday


South Island

9am Monday


Chatham Islands

9am Monday

Wednesday 3.45pm

Ordering less than six items?
Standard delivery address - $5.00 per order
Rural delivery address - $9.00 per order

Ordering six or more items?
Standard delivery address - Free
Rural delivery address - $4.00 per order

Can I order any products to make up six items?
Yes you can. You can make up six items from our Traditional Value and Pop’n’Grow ranges or our Care’n’Grow products.

Ordering to the Chatham Islands?
For our friends in the Chathams, if you order six or more items we are happy to deliver at no charge (or for $5 if you order less than six items) to the Air Chathams’ airfreight counter in Wellington. You will need to pay Air Chathams for the airfreight part of the trip. Visit Air Chathams for pricing details.

Ordering to Waiheke or Stewart Islands?

If you are ordering to Waiheke or Stewart Islands please call us on 0800 33 2000 to place your order. Due to restricted delivery methods it is easier and more reliable for us to arrange these orders over the phone.